About us - Lisa and Alex

How we Found Belfast, Maine - The Abridged Version

Alex and I have lived in Belfast for 3 winters!! About 2.5 years ago we moved here after driving around the entire world in an old RV looking for a place to live. Originally from the UK, we set off in 2011 and visited over 65 countries. In the Fall of 2015, we drove into Belfast and immediately felt at home. If that isn't a testament to how awesome Belfast, Maine is, I don't know what is!


Not ready to 'settle down', we continued on our travels for another few months. Lying on a beach in Thailand, we found that we couldn’t even enjoy the paradise around us. We wanted to be in Maine. We put our small RV onto a ship, flew into Boston and within 6 weeks we had bought a new home in East Belfast.


Fast forward through18 months of home renovations (most of which we did ourselves), we are ready to dive into the incredible community that has made us feel so very welcome...enter, The Back and Forth!

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The Story Behind The Back and Forth

Magical Memories Made in Maine

The idea of running The Back and Forth was borne out of a visit from my rather large family. Altogether there were 9 of us. 6 adults and 3 kids under the age of 9.

A 2 week long family vacation was going to take some planning and some serious entertaining. Luckily there is so much to do in Belfast, Maine and the days were filled with amazing adventures, ice-creams and glorious sunshine. The only thing we couldn't manage to do within our budget was to get out on the water.


We so desperately wanted to get out on the bay and see Belfast from a new perspective, but at a projected cost of $450 we simply couldn’t afford it. We all day-dreamed of a short, cheap hop across the bay that would offer the instant gratification of getting out there just to take a few pictures and to say we had done it.


So, here we stand today, ready to launch that very thing.

The Back and Forth's Mission


All Day - Every Day - $10 One Way

The Back and Forth will run all day, every day between the Belfast City Harbor Dock and the Young's Lobster Pound.


Our little traditional wooden Lobster Boat will offer the instant gratification of getting on the water and will be under $20 for a round trip per person.


We hope that people visiting Downtown Belfast will hop over the bay to grab a lobster and a real ‘Maine Experience’ at Young's and maybe even discover more of East Belfast. Perry's Nut House is a Belfast institution and their fudge is to die for. The All Play offers bowling and table sports for all age and IConcepta Boutique is a cute little consignment store. Lupine Cottage is across Route 1 and several other businesses are accessible on foot once over the bay.


We also hope that the loyal patrons at Young's will venture over the bay and pick up an ice-cream or grab a cold beer and explore the amazing independent Downtown businesses too. Belfast has so much to offer on both sides of the bay.


For those living on the East side of Belfast, or staying in the abundant hotels, motels, and B&B’s, The Back and Forth will be a crutch, especially when considering dining or drinking in Downtown Belfast on an evening. The Back and Forth will be available until dark to transport those with full bellies safely back over the bay.

Alex and I are also working closely with Waldo CAP to create an awesome shuttle bus connection to many of the businesses in East Belfast all the way to Searsport, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information on that coming soon.

We cannot wait to spend our summer meeting locals and visitors alike and helping them find an affordable way to get on the water and also introducing them to an unknown side of the bay.


We hope you will join us too.

Chamber of Commerce - Steve Ryan

"Affordable, safe and easy transit across the harbor will be enjoyable, attractive and useful for visitors and locals alike. This increased connection to East Belfast can only have beneficial results, in our view."

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