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'The Back and Forth' Our flag Ship!
 A traditional wooden lobster boat built in1959 right here in Maine.
Offering 5 unique experiences that are between 1 - 2 hours long.

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Gather your treasure hunters, come aboard & meet our pirate! Together you will search for treasure around the bay.

Solve the puzzles, follow the map to the spot marked "x", pull up the hidden treasure from the ocean and take home your bounty!


Up to 6 hunters allowed. 1.5 hours. $299 per boat.


Recommended ages  0 -120!

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Treasure Photo gallery
Home page treasure link
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Sunset Cruise WITH Lobster Rolls

Treat yourself, you're in Maine.
The place to eat lobster and enjoy sunsets, why not do both on the water.
a 2+ hour cruise around the bay with a VIP stop off at the iconic Young's lobster pound for one of their famed lobster rolls.

Bring drinks and revel in the experience.

Up to 6 guests allowed. 2+ Hour cruise. Monster lobster rolls & a Sunset 
$120 p/p or just $599 per boat

'Our Most popular Tour'