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Meet the Motley Crew!

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Tapley 'Captain elsewhere' jackson


Our salty sea Captain Tap is the backbone of The Back and Forth and has been with us since day 1! 


We love his dry sense of humor, his salty wisdom and his ability to handle The Back and Forth like nothing you have ever seen before. You are probably in the most capable hands in the State of Maine.


An entire lifetime on the water brings with it plenty of stories, but you may have to pry to hear them. Captain Tap is quietly spoken and unless provoked, will let you sit back and enjoy the peace of being on the water.

If you want to learn some skills just ask him how to tie a knot or throw a line!

We are adding a tour guide option to our offerings should you wish for a more narrated experience.

Pirate Jack Lash Lanigan


Captain Jack Lash Lanigan - Pirate Quartermaster and head mischief maker.


Captain Jack will be aboard for Pirate Treasure Hunts and will have your little pirates learning the ropes before they are even on deck.


Expect plenty of jokes, lots of piratical humor, a crazy laugh and a heart bigger than all the treasure ever found at sea.


He will entertain you, no matter your age and you will never, ever forget your time on the water with him.

Jack Hunts for Treasure Monday through Thursday.

Captain Sawyer Williams

Captain Sawyer is our young buck and is giving us all a boost with his incredible energy.

With 8 years experience in the maritime industry, he has shown an incredible capacity for learning and will dazzle you with his stories of sailing mega yachts around the Bahamas and beyond.


We love his passion for being on the water and the knowledge he is happy to share with you during your trip as a certified Maine guide.


Whether he is Captaining a Pirate Treasure Hunt, a Sunset Cruise or taking you further afield in the 'Out and About', he will keep you entertained and involved as you enjoy your time with us on the water.


Captain Razor 

coming soon .png

As sharp as his name, Captain Razor will keep you entertained with his intelligent wit, his skills as a Captain and with plenty of stories from his years on the seas.

He will herald you with tales from working the US Coastguard as rescue boat coxswain, to building his own sailing Dory, sailing Schooners out of Rockport and even chartering sailboats around volcanoes in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.


We love his sense of adventure, his ability to turn his hand to just about anything and the way he makes every trip special for those onboard.

A true entertainer and pirate at heart, Captain Razor will show you the ropes and safe transit through Belfast Harbor and wherever the sails (or engine) may take you.

Pirate Calypso MCGee

coming soon .png

First Mate and Pyrate surgeon,


Calypso will show your little pirates the ropes onboard the Pirate Treasure Hunter Trips. She’ll teach you how to avoid the dreaded scurvy so that she doesn’t have to amputate anything while you’re out looking for loot, which really helps with making the whole trip a lot more fun.


Calypso is a gentle hearted, fun pirate and is incredibly knowledgable about the area and it’s history.


She’ll have you singing a sea shanty as you head out into the bay and you’ll have the time of your lives with her.

Calypso Hunts for Treasure Thursday and Fridays!

Pirate Calypso Belfast Maine.png

Pirate Tink

coming soon .png

Pirate Tink - First Mate and musician.


Pirate Tink will show your little pirates the gentler side of pirating.


Sea shanties are her speciality and she will have you all singing along as you head into the bay to hunt for sunken loot.


If your littles are a bit shy, Pirate Tink will be sure to put them at ease and show them how much fun being a pirate can be and that it doesn’t have to be quite as noisy as everyone makes out!

Tink hunts for Treasure on Saturdays.

The Not very Boaty Bosses


Alex and I 'Lisa' have lived in Belfast for 7 winters!! We moved here after driving around the entire world in an old RV looking for a place to live. Originally from the UK, we set off in 2011 and visited over 65 countries. In the Fall of 2015, we drove into Belfast and immediately felt at home. If that isn't a testament to how awesome Belfast, Maine is, I don't know what is!

After relocating to Maine, buying and renovating a home and settling in, we wanted to dive into the incredible community that had made us feel so welcome and so, 'The Back and Forth' was invented.


Fast forward another few years on the water, getting no wiser about boats in general but thoroughly enjoying creating and delivering special experiences, and here we go again with 'The Out and About'!

We look forward to getting you on the water with our incredible crew while we mastermind our next crazy offering.

P.S - We really don't know anything about boats at all, but we do know a lot about having fun!  

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