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'The Up & Down' - Belfast Maine

Take to the Sky onboard this nippy Piper Cherokee.
See up to10 iconic light houses in one trip or take the 'Aviation Discovery' and log your first hour of becoming a pilot!

Light it Up - Acadia 

If Lighthouses and epic views are your thing, this is the trip for you.

View 10 iconic Lighthouses.

Circle Cadillac Mountain & Acadia National Park.

Next up The Cranberry Isles.

 Heading back over to Vinalhaven & Isleboro.

 Up to 3 passengers

240lbs P/P | 400lbs max

1.5 hrs | Just $349

Aviation  Discovery

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly a plane? Start now! 

Get an introduction to Aviation 101, learn pre flight checks, experience take off in the cockpit, discover navigation and take a turn at being a pilot. Perfect for couples or parent & child days.

Up to 2 passengers max

240lbs P/P | 400lbs max

1.5 hrs | Just $299