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'the back & Forth' and 'the Out & About'
Two Classic Wooden Lobster Boats Offering Unique Nautical Experiences 

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Our two classic wooden lobster boats are exactly as described, they’re old, made of wood, can carry a maximum of 6 passengers and are classed as lobster boats… but the experiences we offer onboard them are designed to create memories you will treasure forever.  We really mean it, ‘The Back & Forth' literally takes you on a treasure hunting trip, and when you find it, you get to keep it forever! Real treasure, a physical memory. If you take the sunset cruise that includes the humongous lobster rolls, you could keep the lobster roll wrapper as a keepsake, but it's probably not advisable and can’t be considered as the treasure. Maybe take some photos and post them on social media, thats less stinky, but you will get to treasure the memories made onboard. I think you catch our drift. You also came to visit the area at a good time, we are launching our second boat out of Bucksport this summer and would like to introduce 'The Out & About'! ‘The Out and About’ will be running full day trips and over night camping trips to surrounding islands. You will be looked after by Captain Sawyer, a registered Maine guide and a Captain! What a guy! Whether onboard The Back and Forth or The Out and About, we’ll look forward to getting you on the water in Belfast, Maine. Check out more details on our boats below and simply book tickets right here.



'The Back and Forth - Belfast, MAine'
 A 28ft traditional wooden lobster boat built in1959 right here in Maine.
Offering 5 unique experiences that are between 1 - 2 hours long.

'The Out And About - Bucksport, Maine
A 34ft traditional wooden lobster boat built in 1968 right here in Maine.
Our larger boat offe
ring 3 short trips and 4 immersive experiences.

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