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Updated: Apr 13, 2018

The story of how we found Belfast, Maine and why we want to get YOU out on the water.

Here we are at the very beginning of a new adventure, on the water in Belfast, Maine.

My husband Alex and I, Lisa, have lived in Belfast for 2 years now, we moved here after driving around the entire world looking for a place to live, that is a long story but you can read about it here if you are interested. Originally from the UK we set off in 2011 and visited over 65 countries, due to crazy circumstances we drove into Belfast in fall 2015 and immediately felt at home.

We explored New England a little more and then reluctantly continued on our travels for another few months but, the time came when we were laid on a beach in Thailand and we couldn’t even enjoy our glorious surroundings, we simply wanted to be in Maine. The decision was made, we were done traveling for a while. We put our small RV onto a ship, flew into Boston and within 6 weeks we had completed on a new home in East Belfast.

Fast forward 18 months of home renovations and we are ready to dive into the community that has made us feel so very welcome.

The idea of running The Back and Forth was borne out of a visit from my rather large family of 9. Six adults and three kids under nine years old take some entertaining. We really desperately wanted to get out on the bay but at a projected cost of around $450 we just couldn’t afford it. We all day-dreamed of a short, cheap hop across the bay just to say we had done it and to see the gorgeous city from a new perspective.

So, here we stand today, ready to launch that very thing.

The Back and Forth will run all day, every day between the Belfast City Harbor Dock and the Youngs Lobster Pound. It will offer the instant gratification of getting on the water and will be under $20 for a round trip per person. We hope that people visiting the Downtown will hop over the bay to grab a lobster and a real ‘Maine Experience’ at the pound and also discover more of East Belfast. We hope that the loyal patrons at Youngs will also venture over the bay and pick up an ice-cream and explore the amazing independent Downtown businesses too.

We have found that living, or staying in the abundant hotels, motels and B&B’s on the East side of Belfast can become a bit of a chore, especially when considering dining or drinking in Downtown Belfast on an evening. The Back and Forth will be available until Midnight to transport those with full bellies safely back over the bay.

We cannot wait to spend our summer meeting locals and visitors alike and helping them find an affordable way to get on the water and also introducing them to an unknown side of the bay.

We hope you will join us too.
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