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Once just a Boat... Now a Fleet!

3 boats & an airplane offering 12 exciting ways to experience Mid-Coast Maine

'The Back and Forth - Belfast, MAine'

A 28ft traditional wooden lobster boat built in1959 in Yarmouth, Maine by the Lowell Brothers. Offering 4 unique experiences that are between 1 - 2 hours long.

Vibe: Fun Experiences!


Think: Family Treasure Hunts or Sunset Cruise with Lobster Rolls.


Perfect for: Families or Couples.

Limits: 6 Passengers Max | Unlimited Pets!

The Out And About - Bucksport, Maine'

A 34ft traditional wooden lobster boat built in 1968 in Jonesport, Maine by Richard Alley. Offering 3 scenic experiences that are between 1/2 hour - 4 hours long.

Vibe: Relaxing, Informative, Private.

Think: Fort Knox Historic Nature Cruise or Private Charter.

Perfect for: History Buffs & Nature Seekers.

Limits: 6 Passengers Max | Unlimited Pets!

'The Up and Down - Belfast, Maine'

A classic and well maintained 1969 Piper Cherokee airplane, originally built in sunny Florida. Offering 3 distinctive aerial tours, each lasting between 1 and 2 hours, designed to showcase the breathtaking landscapes of Maine from above.

Vibe: Exciting, Experiences.

Think: Introduction To Flying or Lighthouse Tour. 

Perfect for: Parent & Child or Couples.

Limits: 3 Passengers | 240lbs P/P | 400lbs max.


The All In -
Belfast, Maine'

A stunning 46ft Cheoy Lee long range cruiser, originally built all the way around the world in Hong Kong! Offering spacious indoor & outdoor comfort for your half day, all inclusive experience.